Aparticle - Bulbs

Arcelli / Bonifati / Stermieri / Baron

"While it may not be possible to foresee just what positive effects a particular coupling might yield, it may nonetheless be possible to determine the generative potential of a relationship. Here are some essential preconditions for generativeness. The participants in the relationship need to orient their activities in a common direction. Combining different competences can generate new kinds of competence that then reside in the relationship itself, which can bring the bridged agents into contact with previously untapped sources of attributions and competences..."

David A. Lane and Robert Maxfield, “Foresight, Complexity and Strategy”

UR Records - N.11 (2018)

Cristiano Arcelli

Alto sax


Michele Bonifati



Giulio Stermieri

Rhodes, Hammond


Ermanno Baron


Track list

No Way To Fill

Crashing Brand N’Ubuntu

Liquid Language

Bridal Veil Falls

Parasocial Activity

Nine Billion Density



All compositions by

Michele Bonifati and Giulio Stermieri


UR Records


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