Archipelagos - In Your Thoughts

Caliumi / Pollon / Di Benedetto / Soldà

In your thoughts is an endless journey.

A chiaroscuro journey where both the starting point and the next step are unknown, where each piece is a leap of faith. Melodies, rhythms and atmospheres chase one another in ten pieces, which reflect the musical identity of each member.

The result is a giddy rotation of remote feelings: radical improvisation is opposed to complete balance, shadow canvas to clear landscape, calm to excitement.

Archipelagos is this: a project that arises from a random meeting of unrelated/isolated personalities who share a common musical place, a musical sea.

All the listener can do, is to let their selves get pulled into this sea without questioning what they might encounter on the next island.

UR Records - N.16 (2018)

Manuel Caliumi

Alto sax


Francesco Pollon

Piano, Fender Rhodes


Simone Di Benedetto

Double bass


Marco Soldà


Track list

Intro - The Big Wedra In The Sky

(S. Di Benedetto)

Nemesi (M. Caliumi)

From A Magic Pillow Dream

(M. Soldà)

Mr. McFallen Waltz

(S. Di Benedetto)

Sara (F. Pollon)

Sabba (S. Di Benedetto)

A Smile (F. Pollon)

Landscape #2 (S. Di Benedetto)

In Your Thoughts (F. Pollon)

10  Outro - The Big Wedra In The Sky

(S. Di Benedetto)


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