Dimidiam   Massimiliano Milesi - Giacomo Papetti

Dimidiam is a latin adjective meaning “half”.  If referred to music, it comprehensively represents the nature of this unusual duo, in which two complementary instruments split their roles.

The sonorities arising from it, spread between melodic elements and experimental occurrences, as well as between improvisation and composition. Our goal is to realize a distinctive unity out of these two halves.

Massimiliano Milesi

UR Records - N.3 (2015)

Massimiliano Milesi

Tenor sax


Giacomo Papetti

Bass guitar

Track list

Come Sunday (D. Ellington)

Frammenti dispersi (M. Milesi)

Folkapark (G. Papetti)

Mar (G. Papetti)

Mnomeion (K. Cobain)

Old Devil Moon (B. Lane/Y. Harburg)

I'm leaving for America (Trad. arr. M. Milesi)

Descendant (M. Milesi)

Segnare (G. Papetti)

10 Over the Dim Waterfall (M. Milesi)

11  Trogir (G. Papetti)



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