Enzo Zirilli's Zirobop   Enzo Zirilli

These 4 artists really play, breathe and fly together bringing their personal experiences into the notes but combining them into a fantastic mix of influences, moving effortlessly from the colours of Thelonious Monk to the irresistible nuances of Jobim to then introducing some of their own very interesting and original compositions.


Dado Moroni


I really love this Music! Enzo and his great band approach a wide range of material with such creativity, taste, and soulfulness. This is a beautiful recording”


Larry Goldings

UR Records - N.1 (2014)

Enzo Zirilli

Percussion, Whistle


Alessandro Chiappetta



Misha Mullov-Abbado


Rob Luft


Track list

Royal Corridor Noise (Overture)

Straight No Seven (E. Zirilli)

Cancion Brasileña (R. Luft)

Wu-Wey (A. Chiappetta)

Thank You Very Monk: I mean you - bye-ya

    (T. Monk, arr. by E. Zirilli)

Olha Maria (A. C. Jobim)

Vostok 9 (A. Allione)

Personised (M. Mullov-Abbado)

Zio Masi (E. Zirilli)

10  Maggio se ne va - Whistle Intro (P. Daniele)

11  Maggio se ne va (P. Daniele)

12  One Way Hotel

      (Zirilli Luft Mullov-Abbado Chiappetta)


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