Luca Dell'Anna Quartet - Human See, Human Do

Della'Anna / Milesi / Gallo / Rossi

 “How fickle is the mind! Even if it is introverted, it does not remain steady but gets agitated in a moment like the surface of the ocean. Tied to the senses (like the sight) it bounces again and again like a ball. Having been nourished by the senses, the mind grasps the very objects it has given up; and like a demented person, it runs after the very things from which it has been restrained. It jumps from one object to the other like a monkey. “


(Yoga Vasistha)

UR Records - N.14 (2018)

Luca Dell'Anna



Massimiliano Milesi

Tenor Sax


Danilo Gallo

Double Bass


Alessandro Rossi


Track list

Sector n.4

From The Other Room

Jade (part 1)

Jade (part 2)


Human See, Human Do

Inside Dennis Cleg

Monkey and The Brain



All tunes are composed by

Luca Dell’Anna


UR Records


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