Italian Jazz Book Vol. 1

Brunod / Mella / Boggio Ferraris

This project wants to celebrate the music of some of the most important and valuable Italian jazz players, and especially their compositions. So, the repertory stretches from Franco D’Andrea to Enrico Rava, from Daniele di Bonaventura to our beloved Andrea Allione, arriving to touch the music of the group’s components themselves, all three of them active composers.

The aim, therefore, is to help the great public get a closer look at the fine compositional flair of some of the leading musician of the Italian jazz scene.

All of this is realized through the sounds of an unusual band, with no drums but with two harmonic instruments, in eternal balance between love and hate: Boggio Ferraris’ vibraphone and Brunod’s guitar. The solid rhythmic of Aldo Mella’s double bass completes this trio that wants to gain an unique “voice”, hopefully of some relevance for Italian jazz, even by playing pieces of diverse and far origins.

UR Records - N.13 (2018)

Maurizio Brunod



Aldo Mella

Double bass


Gabriele Boggio Ferraris


Track list

Danças (A. Allione)

Hypnotic Sad Loop (M. Brunod)

Le Solite Cose (E. Rava)

Fafa (A. Mella)

I Gazzillori (D. Di Bonaventura)

Cherries (F. D’Andrea)

Indaco (A. Mandarini)

Da Silva (E. Rava)


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