Penguin Village   Gabriele Boggio Ferraris Quartet

Penguin Village is a place. A real place. It lives in my mind and it comes form my youth, and it makes me feel better, everytime I dive in it.

There’s a little child, running round this house, and he never leaves, he will never leave.

Gabriele Boggio Ferraris

UR Records - N.1 (2014)

Gabriele Boggio Ferraris



Carlo Gravina

Alto sax


Alessandro Rossi


Giacomo Tagliavia


Track list

Useless (G. Boggio Ferraris)

August - Part 1 (G. Boggio Ferraris)

August - Part 2 (G. Boggio Ferraris)

Penguin Village (G. Boggio Ferraris)

Heart Shaped Box (K. Cobain)

First Song (C. Haden)

When It Rains (B. Mehldau)

By This River (B. Eno)

Fog (T. Yorke)


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