Paolo Profeti European Collective - Glide

Profeti / Radu / Romanescu / Acker / Rossi

Paolo vibrates with his echoing alto in the web-cosmos, but very much lives for today with an intensity nourished by the deep roots of the past, roots he knows so well. Eight pieces, at times coarse, suave, complex or simply straight which capture the tonal richness of an electronic spatial adventure but at the same time the solid perfection of someone who knows where it all comes from. A melody that cuts across electronic spasms, solid groove, and refined harmonies, taking on the form perhaps of a lunar tango, and so impossible encounters become real music, to live, to ponder, and then reinterpret again, letting yourself be carried away by the fluent vortex of “Glide.”


Tino Tracanna

UR Records - N.19 (2019)

Paolo Profeti

Alto sax, flute, efx,

composition & arrangement


Florian Radu



Sorin Romanescu

Moog guitar


Michael Acker

Electric bass, synth


Alessandro Rossi

Drums, efx


Ana Cristina Leonte

Vocal, special guest in 3, 5

Track list

1 After All

2 To Sorin

3 Le Chiavi di Via Arquà

4 Tango para Zoe

5 Robert’s Glasses

6 October 6th

7 Romanian Roads

8 To Norma


All songs composed by

Paolo Profeti


UR Records


© UR Records