Fluct - All the World is Green

Tavernini / Papetti

Sound backpackers, few strings - of uvulas and wood - and some electronic music are enough for Elena Tavernini and Giacomo Papetti to sneak into Tom Waits’s deep musical regions. All the world is green is the intimate and emotional diary of this surprising path. A nomadic memoir, a migratory travelogue that, undressed of all its trimming, at every turn warps Big Tom’s notes into unusual perspectives. Without any ostentation, but yet with a pinch of fragility, almost reluctance, that - alone - will give you goose bumps.


Luigi Radassao

UR Records - N.18 (2019)

Elena Tavernini

Voice, synth, sansula,

melodica, effects


Giacomo Papetti

Bass guitar, effects, kalimba

Track list

1 Kiss me

2 Rain dogs

3 Flowers grave

4 Take it with me

5 Anywhere I lay my head

6 Trampled rose

7 All the world is green

8 Little trip to heaven

9 Just the right bullets


All songs by Tom Waits,

Kathleen Brennan

except 2, 5, 8, 9 by Tom Waits


UR Records


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